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Museums worksheet
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Trails, worksheets and Maps

Family trails and hunts around your venue are a great way of engaging people of all ages and to navigate certain routes in a fun and interactive way.  Working from a brief, Jessi Illustrates is able to develop and deliver exciting content, activities and illustrations through imaginative design. See a range of examples below.

Illustrator for Museums
Trails, Worksheets and Maps: past examples

Delapre Abbey Family Garden Trail

Delapre family trail
Delapre family trail
Museum illustration

Gunnersbury Park and Museum ESOL Trail

Gunnersbury Park ESOL trail

National Paralympic Heritage Trust 

Stoke Mandeville Stadium Tour for schools and families

2020-10-04 (3).png
National Paralympic Heritage Trust stadium tour

Nuneaton Abbey schools Trail 

Nuneaton Abbey Journalist log image-01.jpg
Heritage Abbey trail
Nuneaton Abbey Journalist log image-03.jpg

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Local Heroes Hunt

Treasure Hunt.png
Sporting Heritage map information
Sporting Heritage questions_edited.jpg

Sporting Heritage Interactive Map

Ladbroke Gun power
Family treasure hunt

Ladbroke Treasure Trail 


Sensory Map World Golf Museum_edited.jpg
Sensory World Golf Museum Map_edited.jpg

World Golf Museum 

Sensory Map 

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